Fall 2013 Landscaper Training Events in Yonkers

Live demonstrations and Q&A to learn more about leaf-mulching techniques were hosted by the City of Yonkers on September 24th,  October 1st (for both Spanish and English speakers), and October 16th (for both Spanish and English speakers).

The workshops were FREE and were led by experienced landscape professionals who have been successfully leaf-mulching for years. The workshops took place at Redmond Park’s North Pavilion in Yonkers.

Here are some photos from these sessions:

Bill Cary of The Journal News wrote about the Oct 1st bilingual training. Read the Oct 4, 2013 article from LOHUD.com (.pdf).

Mow leaves instead of raking them: Local communities are encouraging homeowners and landscapers to stop raking leaves to the curb and instead mow them and leave them on the lawn as a fine mulch. (Video by Joe Larese / The Journal News )

Click the photo above to watch the video clip concerning proper equipment needs for leaf mulching.

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