Mulch Mowing Workshop - Tuesday, Sept. 23, 4pm in New Rochelle

This Mulch Mowing Workshop will be presented at the College of New Rochelle (Maura Lawn).

New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson hailed The College of New Rochelle for its leadership in environmental issues as the campus played host to a mulch mowing workshop Tuesday on Maura Lawn.

The College of New Rochelle hosted a demonstration of mulch mowing on Maura Lawn on Tues. 9/23/2014 before a crowd of students, faculty and neighborhood residents.  President Judith Huntington spoke briefly about CNR's commitment to sustainability in the college's operations and education, saying that the College was proud to support the City's mulch mowing initiative.

Under the direction of Facilities Director Mike Ferrara, all leaves on the CNR campus are mulched and used on the grounds to improve the turf and gardens.  Mayor Bramson thanked CNR for their institutional and educational support of the City's mulching initiative, and for the College's leadership in promoting sustainability.

Professional landscaper mulch mower.
Homeowner mulch mower.
View a video of the mulch mowing demo showing how quickly and effectively the leaves can be shredded into the lawn (5:00 running time):

Read more about this event on the College of New Rochelle website. Includes a nice slide show.

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