Tues., Oct. 9, 10 am: Hart's Brook Nature Preserve - Mulch Mowing Training

LELE Mulch mowing training by Greenburgh Parks Dep't. for homeowners and landscape professionals.

Location: Hart's Brook Nature Preserve, 156 Ridge Road, Hartsdale, NY 10583.

We had another good crowd and excellent discussion today at Hart's Brook Preserve. Despite the drizzly weather, we had 13 homeowners gathered at 10 am to learn about mulch mowing as an alternative to bagging their leaves.  Saverio DeGiorgio did a wonderful job of presenting the many benefits of on-site mulching, the equipment needed, and techniques for mulching effectively.  Sav's in-depth knowledge of the soil cycle, the nutritional needs of trees and plants, and tips for proper mulch mowing were much appreciated by the participants during the lengthy Q & A.

At both this program and the Longview Road program last week, we have been very impressed at the level of engagement people show in thinking their way through to this new approach to managing their properties.  It's a radical change to set the goal of keeping organics out of the municipal waste stream, and participants in the programs have shown willingness and interest in the learning.

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