Sat., Oct. 13, 2 pm: Greenburgh Nature Center - Mulch Mowing Training

LELE Mulch mowing for homeowners and landscape professionals.

David Duarte will be doing the demonstration on the GNC's Great Lawn, and answering questions about equipment and technique for effective and efficient mulching.

Location: Greenburgh Nature Center, 99 Dromore Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Rain or shine!

Once again, the Love 'Em & Leave 'Em program and demonstration we held at the GNC on Saturday, 10/13 was well attended.  Twenty-five people came and all were thoughtfully engaged in consideration of the benefits and challenges of on-site leaf mulching as an alternative to bagging their leaves.

A question came up about how the Town of Greenburgh will handle leaves that fall into the street---especially leaves from trees on Town-owned land lining the streets?

In reference to the streets, the town will be aggressively sweeping to make sure there are no safety issues. If there is a piece of Town-owned property we will be mulching the leaves. All of our maintenance equipment has been outfitted with the correct blades.

Attendees also asked how the Town will enforce the requirement that leaves be bagged or contained for municipal pick-up?  What will the Town do if  a property owner puts a loose pile of leaves at the curb?

If someone puts a pile of leaves on the street they will get a summons.

- Answers via email from Richard Fon, Greenburgh DPW

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