Tues., Oct. 16, 10 am: Travis Hill Park, White Plains (Fairview) - Mulch Mowing Training

Mulch mowing training by Greenburgh Parks Dep't for homeowners and landscape professionals.

Saverio DeGiorgio will demonstrate on both a professional grade mower and a homeowner mower.

Location: Travis Hill Park, Lincoln Place, White Plains (Fairview).

Cancelled if raining.

We had 10 participants, all homeowners, most of them take care of their own lawns and gardens. Sav answered questions about the effects of mulch mowing on turf and soil quality, and what to look for in a good mulching mower that can handle mulching large amounts of leaves finely enough to be re-incorporated into the turf and gardens.  

We discussed that grass clipping put valuable nitrogen back into the soil, which complements the carbon that is deposited into the soil with the fall leaf mulching.  

As in every program so far, the question of what to do about pine needles came up. Leaving pine needles where they fall is certainly the easiest method, and also the most beneficial to the tree. Many people like the look of the deep orange-toned pine needles thickly covering the ground with softness, but they have not realized how good that pine-needle blanket is for the trees!

We encouraged people that even if they can just try mulch mowing with some of their leaves or on part of their property, they will be benefiting their soil and making a positive difference in the amount of leaves the Town has to collect and cart away.  

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