Sat. Oct.27, 11 am at Memorial Park (on Myrtle Boulevard), Mamaroneck - LELE Training

Did you know that the Town of Mamaroneck spends $60,000 annually just to dump the fall leaves you bring to the curb? -- That doesn’t include the costs of labor, vehicle maintenance and fuel for the pick-up.

Piles of leaves in the street make driving dangerous, and clog storm drains, increasing flooding. Help reduce all these costs and problems to our Town and benefit your own property by mulching leaves right into your turf and landscape.

Imagine: Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a fall season with less raking and noisy leaf-blowing in your neighborhood and fewer leaf piles clogging the streets?

Wouldn’t it be satisfying to know you were nourishing your property with valuable leaf nutrients instead of treating them like garbage to be hauled away?

MJ Wilson and David Duarte, President/Owner of Five Brothers Landscaping will do a free outdoor introduction and demonstration of the benefits and "how-to's" of leaf mulching.

Come mingle with your neighbors and get your questions answered about this easy, common-sense practice! Bring your landscapers!

While in Memorial Park, be sure to stop at the Farmers Market and enjoy the farm fresh produce and fare!

Location: Memorial Park (on Myrtle Boulevard), Mamaroneck

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